LEDioc Spolart

LED Floodlight with conventional aesthetic design impeccably fit for any desired application particulary for open container yard,cranes, driveways ,warehouses etc.

The LED luminaire is capable of providing brightness equivalent to 1000w mercury floodlight (210w type) or 700w mercury floodlight (160w type) with 60,000 hours LED lifetime, lumen maintenance of L70 and luminous efficacy of 116 lm/w.

High colour rendering of Ra70 which vividly illuminates objects.

Using superb quality of LED COB (chip on board) Package.

■Capable of delivering brightness equivalent to 1000W mercury floodlight (210W type), or 700W mercury floodlight (160W type)

■Highly efficient : up to 116lm/W

■The same form factor as traditional floodlight, providing consistency of lighting environment

■The design of mounting yoke is identical to traditional HID floodlight for quick installation

■Quickly reaches full brightness

■Long life : 60,000 hours (L70)

■Using High Quality LED COB Package